Capability 6: Functional & Medical Needs Sheltering Assistance

The HRMMST can be incorporated into existing shelter plans to assist emergency managers and shelter planners in meeting access and functional needs in general population shelters and medical needs in medical shelters. Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) are services that enable children and adults with or without disabilities who have access and functional needs to maintain their health, safety, and independence in a general population shelter. This includes personal assistance services (PAS), durable medical equipment (DME), consumable medical supplies (CMS), and reasonable modification to common practices, policies and procedures.

Individuals requiring FNSS may have sensory, physical, mental health, cognitive and/or intellectual disabilities affecting their ability to function independently without assistance.
Additionally, the elderly, women in the late stages of pregnancy, and individuals requiring communication assistance and bariatric support may also benefit from Functional Needs Support Services.

The HRMMST In conjunction with ESF #6 (Mass Care, Housing, and Human Resources) and ESF #8 (Public Health and Medical Services) the HRMMST can supplement and enhance existing capabilities to provide care to those with medical and functional needs before, during, and after an incident. To enhance this capability, the HRMMST when deployed with one or more Shelter Support Units (SSU) will provide much needed equipment and personnel to provide these essential services.


When incorporating the HRMMST and the SSU operations into a shelter, additional considerations should include:

  • Easy access for those that are stretcher bound to be brought in and out of the facility
  • Areas for the plcement of surge beds to include a cot for care-givers
  • Privacy areas to provide medical interventions
  • A designated “emergent care” area
  • A staging area for placing medical equipment and medications
  • A triage/medical screening area
  • Communications procedures
  • The provision of additional power outlets for medical equipment


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