New Emergency Medical Response Vehicles for Hampton Roads

Mass Casualty Incident Buses

Used primarily for medical evacuation of mass casualty incidents, the Hampton Roads area has recently obtained six new MCI buses which have the capacity to transport and treat multiple patients. These new buses were paid for with grants from the Urban Areas Securities Initiative that were coordinated by the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System (HRMMRS), a TEMS program.

The new MCI buses are smaller, which allows them to get in and out of areas easier and they will replace the older buses that have been used throughout the region since 2008. They also have a lift that can accommodate a wheelchair or stretcher that the previous buses did not, which is extremely important when conducting evacuations of long term care facilities.

The buses are set up and ready for scheduled support for large events like air shows or big races. They will also be dispatched through 911 operators should the first responders on a scene feel they are needed as was the case in December 2019 when three of the MCI transport buses were used to help out with a multi car crash on Interstate 64. These buses may be used not only to evacuate people, but also as a place for firefighters to rest and rehab while working in extreme heat or cold. 

Currently, MCI buses are housed at fire and rescue stations throughout the region (Chesapeake, Hampton, Virginia Beach, York County, Suffolk and Isle of Wight). Norfolk and Newport News will be getting buses in 2021.

Last modified on Thursday, 14 January 2021 21:54
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The HRMMRS began as a DHS Grant Program in 1999. The HRMMRS continues to support & enhance Hampton Roads public safety, hospital, public health, & emergency management response capabilities to manage mass casualty incidents.


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Sustain regional emergency medical response capabilities with MMRS & SHSP grants for the next 10 years.

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