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Regional Disaster Response Equipment

Since it's inception in 1999, the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Response System (HRMMRS),  has used a federal, state, and private grants in along with appropriated funds to purchase and maintain a variety of disaster response equipment for the Hampton Roads region. The HRMMRS currently provides financial and logistic support to maintain the 11 Disaster Medical Support Units (DMSUs), 10 Mass Casualty Evacuation and Transportaion Units (MCETUs), 13 Shelter Support Units (SSUs) and the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (HRMMST) communications and consumable medical supplies and materials cache. The HRMMRS is committed to maintaining this equipment in an operationally ready status. The HRMMRS will continue to seek grants to help us maintin this equipment and the public safety response capabilities that it provides to the Hampton Roads region.

To learn more about disaster response equipment supported by the HRMMRS please views the following pages:

Please contact the HRMMRS Program Office at (757) 963-0632 for more information.

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