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HRMMST Capabilities Overview

The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (HRMMST) is trained and equipped to provide operational assistance and expertise to the Incident Commander/Unified Command regarding the medical effects of an incident whether CBRNE, conventional, or weather-related. As need or threat levels change, composition, organization, and mission of the team may change to meet the threat or need. The HRMMST mission is to close these gaps identified using regional threat and capability assessments. Consequently, the HRMMST has developed and continues to strengthen the following seven capabilities:

• Chemical Weapon and Toxic Industrial Chemical Antidote Administration
• Warm Zone Triage, Decontamination, and Monitoring & Detection
• Medical Casualty Management and Patient Movement Coordination
• Rehabilitation and Medical Force Protection
• Medical Consultation and Coordination
• Functional/Medical Needs Sheltering Assistance
• Mass Fatality Assistance

It is the mission of the HRMMST to supplement and enhance the local and mutual aid response to all-hazards incidents within the region, for up to 96 hours, with limited logistical support. This time frame allows state and federal assets time to mobilize and integrate into incident operations. 

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