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The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (HRMMST) conssts of 44 positions staffed from a 213 member call group. Team membership consists of fire and EMS personnel, physicians, allied health professionals, logistics and law enforcement personnel from accross the Hampton Roads region. View the video below to learn more about HRMMST Membership and Recruitment.


Personnel that are interested in joining the HRMMST must compete the following process:

  1. Read the HRMMST Member Participation Policy
  2. Download, read and sign the HRMMST Membership Application.
  3. Submit the application for review, approval and signature by your supervisor.
  4. Forward the application to your Sponsoring Organizations's Representative.
  5. Submit the completed application with signatures to the HRMMRS Program Office.

If you hve any questions regarding the application process please call the HRMMRS Program Office at (757) 963-0632.


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